Friday, May 1, 2009

Taiko Drills, Part 32 ATARIGANE

What a busy taiko week--I've had lots of taiko-playing visitors recently! Don't forget that next week is Golden Week. There may still be room in the taiko workshops, taught by my teacher--check it out!

Okay, so let's back up to chan chiki from last week.

The request made for chan chiki drills was sent ages ago, and there are a few reasons it's taken me so long to get around to it. While it's tough to teach it over the internet, I'm also very weary of trying too hard or giving too many details, the result of which may actually be mis-teaching. So, thanks for your patience and understanding. This will be the last atarigane drill for this series. As always, post a comment if you have a question, or email me directly.

Focus: Form
Watch for:
1. When playing the basic "chiki", the hand holding the bachi should be relaxed and controlled (easy to say, huh?)
2. Keep the bell-holding hand steady and perpendicular to the floor.

Last week we practiced 'chi' and 'chan' and tried to get used to the rotation required of the hand holding the bell. In order to continue practicing that rotation, this week we'll combine 'chan' and 'chiki'. Here's the rhythm:

1 & 2 &

chi ki

Chan is the same as last week: Pull the index and middle fingers away from the bell, rotating the wrist away from your body. Hit at the center of the bell.

Chi ki is 2 identical sounds. Begin in "starting position" with both fingers pressed against the bell and the palm facing inward, perpendicular to the floor. Initiating movement from the wrist, not the arm (though the arm still moves), hit the inside rim of the bell, to the left, then right.

Remember! When going from 'chan' to 'chi ki', rotate your hand to "starting position" before it's time to hit 'chi ki'. Doing this consistently at a slow pace will help you continue to hit the same spots when you increase speed.

Add this line, as also seen in the video:

1 & 2 &

chan ran
chi ki

(Note: "ran" here is the same as "chan")

And, my traditional soundless video, alternating the two patterns above:

Gambatte kudasai!

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