Monday, May 4, 2009

Want to Buy a Taiko?

Hi there! I mentioned in my last post that I've had quite a few taiko visitors lately. I'm sure that many of you have heard of TAIKOPROJECT's song, Omiyage. Perhaps even a few of you play it! Well, I thought I'd try to have a bit of a "cultural" exchange here in Wakayama. I invited Yuta Kato to teach Omiyage to my taiko group, Shippu Uchi Daiko, last week.

After the workshop, which went quite well, Yuta stayed with me and my husband for a couple of days. I know his father makes taiko, but wanted to get the scoop. Yuta highly recommends his dad's drums, so I decided to contact Mr. Kato directly and ask a few questions:

Q: What kinds of taiko does Kato Taiko make?

A: Kato Taiko makes naga-do (chu/o-daiko), hira-do, and oke-do. Upright, slant, and o-daiko stands are available. I also provide taiko repair/rennovation services and can engrave your drum for you.

Q: Do you sell taiko-making supplies, tacks, or kan?

A: Actually, I don't do this normally. Tacks or kan might be possible, but could take up to 2 months because I order these from Japan.

Q: How much do Kato Taiko drums cost?

A: Naga-do start at $750 (plus shipping, if required). Hira-do start at $725 (plus shipping, if required). You can find specific information about the prices and drums available on my website,

Q: Will you be at NATC this year selling drums?

A: Yes! I'll be there.

Q: Can participants of NATC order drums and pick them up from you at the conference? If so, how far in advance is an order required?

A: Yes, this is possible. It's difficult to anticipate a deadline because this really depends on how many orders I have to fulfill. Certainly, earlier is better and probably by mid-June at the latest. Please have anyone interested contact me directly through my website.


I recommend you browse Mr. Kato's website for information if you're considering buying taiko. It's fun to read about how he got started in the business and you can also read about how his taiko were involved in the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha.


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