Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taiko Drill 62, Chu Daiko Form

There are many versions of chu daiko form; here I'd like to share mine with you. It's an option that you can feel free to use, modify, or leave be as you like.

Focus: Form
Watch For:
1. Tighten your core and slightly tuck your tailbone as demonstrated here to reduce any back pain you may have when playing.
2. Keeping elbows rolled out to the sides will help to prevent hyperextension.

When I say "form", I'm talking about how you set up your feet, their relation to your core and relation to your drum, how you raise your sticks, how you hold and strike your sticks, and the relationship of your body's center with the drum and the audience.

Okay, that's a bit much to consider at once, but... have you? Today let's focus on how we might raise and strike our sticks. This drill is a great tool for building muscle control and focus. Use it to break down the whole movement to decide what form works best for you and your group.

Let's get started!

Set up your stance as you normally play, arms in ready position. Check each arm to make sure the elbow is out to the sides, slightly rounded and slide your shoulder blades down the back (demonstrated in the video). This is the position you want to always return to immediately after striking the drum.

From the right hand, slowly rise the arm up, adjusting the wrist so your bachi is a straight extension of your arm. Once you've reached the top, check to make sure your stick is pointing how you want it to. Carefully, moving first from the elbow, trace your striking form in slow motion. I prefer for my bachi to strike in a straight path, which I try to emulate as I practice this drill.

Repeating this for 20 minutes a day, especially if you can't drum often, will do great things for your arm muscles! Just remember to keep the pace slow and you'll notice changes in your form in a week or two!

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