Friday, June 26, 2009

Taiko Drill Part 39, POSTURE TAIKO SET

Happy Friday!

So, katsugi was a bit of a fail, I guess. It seems not many people are interested in reading posts about it, perhaps because you don't have your own drum or maybe because it's less common. Either way, for those of you who were into the katsugi, check out the extension for a new rhythm to practice. If you want more, email me!

But, for now, I'm moving on. Next stop, taiko set!

Note: You don't have to use the same kinds of drums I'm using. Any upright taiko is okay if they're approximately the same height.

I am, for the time being, without a practice space. I do have some old videos stored that will work for later on in the coming weeks until I have a practice space, but for today we'll have to go back to the old-fashioned non-video teaching method.

Focus: Form
Watch For:
1. Take care if you have any knee issues. Knees are extremely important to keep flexible and basic stretches typically do not consider this. Please email me if you need stretching ideas.
2. Activate your core; this helps keep everything in line.

To begin with taiko set, let's take a look at incorrect posture:

This is WRONG.

Activate your core muscles and tuck the tail bone to bring yourself into natural alignment, protect your back and encourage stability, like this:

If your drums are the same size, your body's center will line up with the place where the drums meet (but don't touch). If one drum is significantly larger than the other, find your standing place by reaching your arms out so the bachi point to the center of each drum and your form is balanced. Adjust your feet, as needed. Arms stay lifted, as always.

To get used to hearing two different tones when playing, today's drill is to play the paradiddles taught here, on two drums. Keep your right hand at the right drum and the left hand at the left drum, nothing fancy yet, let's do this right.

Until next week--Ganbatte!


You can hear the extension (katsugi) pattern here. Sorry... my tempo gets a bit slower as I go on--don't do that!

don tsu ku (8X) do kon ko (8X) One time
don tsu ku (4X) do kon ko (4X) Two times
don tsu ku (2X) do kon ko (2X) Four times
don tsu ku (1X) do kon ko (1X) Eight times
do ko do ko (X16)


  1. What? Katsugi was a fail? I found those posts very interesting and helpful... Oh well, combined with your posts and my workshop with Hayashida san a few weeks ago, I have plenty to practice.

  2. Katsugi was great! All posts are wonderful! Thanks to share your experience! Bruna.

  3. Oh, there you are! Is anyone actually reading?? I've been pretty discouraged lately--thank you so much for posting comments!

    My bounce rate, or the percent of people who leave my blog from the first page, has significantly increased since I started the katsugi posts. Perhaps I'll come back to it at some point...

    Thanks again for your comments! I hope you continue to find things useful in the upcoming posts.

  4. Oh, yes, thank you for posting the katsugi drills. It's true I don't have a drum and I have not learned this style (it is less commonly played in our group) but it is great to know there are resources like yours to go to when I need to!

  5. Thanks Eileen!

    Raion, let's play katsugi in Michigan! (if we're there at the same time...) I'd love to get together with you and your wife and see what you've been learning. I'm teaching workshops this fall, but MI is still unconfirmed. Hopefully it works out and we can get together.

    Bruna and Eileen, are you in the US?

    Please tell your friends and leave comments if you'd like to see this continue. It's a huge time commitment, but I'll do my best to keep it going as long as you're getting something from it! Likewise if you have questions or something I wrote doesn't make sense (too many languages in my brain lately) please let me know!

    Thank you so much--you're appreciated!

  6. No, I live in Brazil and I start to play taiko about a month ago. I think you tips are great! Thanks, Bruna.

  7. Bruna, I've heard about your new group in Brazil! That's so exciting--good luck to you!