Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Tribute to Daihachi Oguchi

Yesterday a tribute was held for Oguchi Sensei, who died last year after being hit by a car at age 84. Daihachi Oguchi is credited for taking the traditional taiko and bringing it to the modern music scene which started the spread of kumi-daiko around Japan and the world.

The following 3 videos are from the tribute. The first 2 are Tanaka Sensei, from San Francisco Taiko Dojo, sharing a few memories. In the final video, members of taiko groups from all around North America gather to perform Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi. This song was written by Daihachi Oguchi.


  1. This is great! Thank you for making this available.
    I am part of Fushu Daiko.
    We are a group from South East Florida since 1990.
    Tanaka Sensei is our guiding light.
    Oguchi Sensei was his.
    I enjoyed this video greatly.

  2. Hi Ben--thanks for your comment. It was a touching and inspiring event. I hope things are going well for Fushu Daiko!

  3. memorable evening!
    thanks for sharing