Saturday, August 8, 2009

NATC 2009 Opening Reception

The great thing about NATC is that every moment is filled with running into people you haven't seen in ages, or meeting new friends. The weekend kicked off last night with a reception and, as is an NATC tradition, ended with a bit of jamming.

This year they decided to post up signs to represent the number of years of taiko experience. For example, the first sign was 0-5 Years of experience. If that's you, then you jumped up on a drum and improvised with others within that category. The process continued in increasing incremements until reaching the final group.

Here's a little bit of the ending below. Unfortunately, I didn't capture the wonderful women of taiko, but I'll get some from someone at some point and post it.

These video clips were taken by Marinda Chen of Seattle Kokon Taiko . They're short, but if you watch them multiple times, you'll always find a new person's energy to enjoy!

Seiichi Tanaka Sensei

Kenny Endo

Russel Baba

Now I'm off to the Opening Session, lunchtime Taiko Games demo, Taiko Marketplace, a workshop with Adam Weiner, Special Tribute to Daihachi Oguchi, and the free Taiko Ten Concert tonight! More videos tomorrow!

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