Friday, March 13, 2009

Taiko Drills, Part 25 DON TSU KU QUIZ

This entry has a problem.  The audio files are missing.  I am working to remedy this as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.

Don tsu ku has the power to add great feeling and carry a song if played well. But, if dynamics are not considered, it has just as much power to make a song feel flat and monotonous.

I've been talking about don tsu ku a lot lately and wonder if I've been explaining myself in a way that lets you actually apply these tidbits to your own practice. So, I created a don tsu ku quiz!!

Here's how it works. There are 4 videos below, followed by 4 audio clips. The videos have no sound, but only one of them shows don tsu ku as I have described in previous drills. See if you can match the sound to picture.

The video:





The Audio:

Audio 1Audio 2Audio 3Audio 4

All done? Then check out the answers here. Let me know how you did!

Here's a recording of the "correct" don tsu ku as I've described it here. I think this one works best with wa-daiko songs (and it's the way my teacher says to do it:))

Don Tsu Ku!

Practice your don tsu ku dynamics this week. We'll expand next Friday!

Note: I have friends coming into town this weekend, so next week's drill might be a bit early or a bit late. Apologies and Happy Weekend!

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