Thursday, March 12, 2009

North American Taiko Conference 2009!

The NATC website is up and going! If you've never been to an NATC, I highly recommend checking it out. It's a great way to network, learn new drills and techniques, see some amazing taiko, and meet some amazing people!

2009 NATC Website


  1. This is the third time I've heard about this conference this week. I'm disappointed I won't be able to attend.

  2. 残念です! And with a host like On Ensemble, it's sure to be worth it. Well, the good thing about NATC is that it always comes around again. Maybe you'll make it to NATC 2011.

  3. I have never been to a conference and would love to go. The main taiko group I'm a member of have been to many in the past and have no interest in going to any more. This saddens me greatly. Even though I'm geographically close, I doubt I'll be able to attend. :(

    Carrie, I just recently found your awesome blog and want to thank you for giving your time and talent to this wonderful learning resource which you have created. There's not enough places like this out there.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hi Mezozen--thanks for following the blog. Your final comments mean a lot to me because I get little to no response from people out there who may be reading! I love the structure that this blog gives to my own practice, as I continue to evaluate and create and consider. But, it's certainly more motivating to know that someone else gets something out of it, too!

    So, thanks and please share with others you think might find it useful.

    Which taiko group are you a member of? Are you considering attending the conference on your own without your taiko group? If you're close to LA, you should definitely try to attend the Taiko 10 concert or the Taiko Jam.

  5. One of the groups I'm currently with is Kawa Taiko based out of Ontario Oregon, USA.

    Initially, I fell in love with the idea of taiko when it was presented in a martial arts video. So, with out any knowledge or training, I started my own group which I still maintain in a support role for the karate dojo I'm with. While looking for other groups on the internet, I thought I was the only one doing taiko from Portland to Salt Lake City. I hadn't heard of Kawa until a bit over a year later when I got together with them at a San Jose Taiko workshop in Ontario. Needless to say, there's not a lot of taiko going on in this area. Hopefully, with some luck, running into the right people and a lot of hard work, I can change that.

    I just wish that I had heard about taiko when I was much younger...

    I doubt that I will be able to financially pull off the conference trip alone. Maybe someday, though.

    It's rather difficult to find taiko instructors where I am. So, once again, I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this teaching blog. That, and all the learning you must be doing yourself ... where do you find the time?

    Looking forward to your next lesson.

  6. Mezozen--good for you and gambatte! Did you know that the years when there is no NATC, Washington, Idaho, Oregon and BC have a Regional Taiko Gathering (RTG). While RTG doesn't have the big names like NATC, it does bring great opportunity to network directly with other groups in the Pacific NW and gives groups a chance to share and learn from one another. Let me know if you need a contact for this and I'll connect you.

    In addition, I'll be back in the US for a spell starting about July if you're ever looking to bring someone to do a skills workshop. I like focusing on the basics because it's the part of taiko that a lot of people in the US don't have access to and it gets skipped over. Drop me an email if you're interested by clicking on my photo in the right column and then "Email". Thanks again for your comments!