Saturday, October 8, 2011

Taiko Challenge, Part 5

Week 5 already! For those just joining, check these out first:

Here we go! This week, start with the ju-roku roll (16 rolls) and the follow with triplets for the same length.

Line 1
doko X16 (RL)

Line 2
dokodo kodoko X8 (RLR LRL--triplets)

15-minutes a day!


Try layering this pattern with a friend and love those polyrhythms! Don't have a taiko buddy to practice with at home? Post a comment, email or facebook me with the tempo you're working with--I'd be more than happy to record a 15-minute video of this pattern so you can still do the extension! Really, I would :)

I will post a link here within 24 hours with a video for the extension--gotta find my own buddy first. Promise!

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