Friday, September 30, 2011

Taiko Challenge, Part 4

Well, I've survived the typhoon, but the weather's still kinda grim here in Hong Kong. Playing taiko somehow seems to always brighten things up :)

If you're just tuning in to this series, make sure to start at the beginning:

The pattern this week is, again, the same as last week, but with different sticking:

Line 1

Line 2
su ko doko X8 (su LRL)

Alternate the 2 lines, 15 minutes per day! Take things super slow if triple rolls are difficult for you. Going too fast too soon means you won't reap the full benefits of this drill--it's most important to just keep things steady with your metronome. If you're having trouble or need advice, put your questions in the comments--it's only gonna get more complicated from here!


The easy way to do the roll for this week is to count RRRLLL 5 times and then do a double stroke on the right hand before beginning Line 2. But, the pattern is in 8, so try to count it that way. Shortly, I'll post a video example of that here.

Gambarimasu! See you in 7 days :)

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