Friday, September 16, 2011

Ju-Roku Taiko Challenge, Week 2

Hey there!

In case you missed it, I'm posting a variation on last week's basic ju-roku drill every Friday for 3 months. Join me in practicing, at a comfortable tempo with your metronome, 15 minutes a day, 7 days a week. I've found my time is limited for additional taiko practice, so I'm trying to make my practice precise and efficient.

Unfortunately, limited time means short blog posts, too. So, let's jump right in and get started on week 2!

Line 1
do ko X16 (this is the ju-roku, or 16 beat, base)

Line 2
su ko do ko X8

Alternate the 2 lines!

If you're starting with the right hand (I'm switching to left-hand lead after 5 minutes), try to notice that the left hand keeps a steady beat the whole time--it's rhythm never changes. Rather than thinking of these lines as 2 separate rhythms, continue to hear "doko" in your head continuously, dropping out just the first beat for Line 2.

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