Friday, September 9, 2011

16 a.k.a. "ju-roku" TC Part I


Welcome to the first Taiko Challenge drill week. This week will be a basic drill and every 7 days for 3 months, I'll alter the drill to create a new challenge, getting more complicated as we go. Let's get started:

Line 1
doko X16

Line 2
don tsuku x8

Loop those 2 at a steady pace with your metronome for 15 minutes without stopping. Try saying the line you're not playing in order to keep the tempo from changing.

Grab a practice partner and layer them on top of one another by alternating parts.

See you in 7 days!


  1. Hello :-) I'm new to taiko (well loved it for ages, only just started classes). What is the pad you are hitting?

  2. Hi manda! Welcome:) You can learn about my drum pad in this previous post: