Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taiko Drill Part 60, 2 Against 3 Pre-Lesson

Hi! I had dreams of new taiko arriving in the mail last night:) The holidays are coming a bit early for me--my 2 new nagado are going to arrive next week! I ordered from friend, Yuta Kato's, father who makes taiko in California. My drums are going straight to Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), their temporary home for the rest of my time in Washington DC. Visit the CHAW website for information on my spring classes where you'll get to hit my new drums!

Okay, focusing up. (Did I mention I'm excited?!)

Focus: Timing, Counting
Watch For:
1. If you feel like you're consistently starting the phrase on the downbeat, then start to listen to the space in between your hits. Is the space equal? Try to understand your tendencies (left hand too late or too early?) and make adjustments.
2. Your metronome is your best friend.

Last week's drill focused on 2s and 3s, either alternating or using one bachi at a time. Today's drill gives you an idea for how to practice the same pattern while incorporating roll practice, alternating your start hand.

Line 1: RLRLRLRL (doubles) RLRLRLRLRLRL (triples) (2X)

Line 2: RLRLRL (doubles) RLRLRLRLR (triples)
LRLRLR (doubles) LRLRLRLRL (triples) (2X)

Line 3: RL (double) RLR (triple) LR (double) LRL (triple) (4X)

Here's the vid. Have fun!

Let's try this together. Try playing the whole pattern backwards (Line 3 4X, Line 2 2X, Line 1 2X). Got that? Okay, now re-play the video above and try to play this backwards pattern on top of the original! Enjoy!

Gambarimasu yo!

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