Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taiko Drill Part 59, Single Double Triple

Hey there! After a frustrating time this afternoon negotiating with various electronics and technologies, I'm gonna skip the chitchat and jump right into today's drill.

After the last drill, I realized it'd been a while since I've practiced multiple strokes on one hand--something I used to do nearly daily last year. So, while I probably should have done the practicing and THEN recorded myself.... I'm just giving you me as I am in today's video.

Focus: Timing, Control
Watch For:
1. Keep track of the downbeat (it's on your metronome:). That way, if your timing gets off a bit, like mine, you can find your way again.
2. When playing Line 1, try to hear Line 2 in your head in preparation. Then, hear Line 3 while you play Line 2, etc.

Line 1: Play on the down beat for 8 beats
Line 2: Play Line 1 double time
Line 3: Play as triples
Line 4: Play as quads

You may get easily frustrated with this drill if it's not something you've done much of. It's perfectly fine to practice by looping just the first 2 lines until you're ready to add the next one, and feel free to fool around with what setting you use on your metronome.

Let's explore briefly the reason to aim for multiple strokes. Obviously, its not practical for a song or performance. But, the gratification I get from practicing this drill (say about 15 minutes every day for a week) includes:

  • stronger hand/forearm muscles
  • improved stick control
  • a higher sense of timing awareness
  • a better understanding of timing
  • increased speed
So, try it out! I've given 2 versions in the video, one for beginner level players who are looking for a way to practice timing, and then the multiple stroke version. For each version I play Line 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Please forgive my bad timing... Gambarimasu!

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