Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Intermission--Life Takes Over

Hi there!

So, I promised 12 weeks and there will be 12 weeks! But, for right now I need to take a bit of a break from the Taiko Challenge drills in order to focus on some real-life taiko fun. :)

Taiko Performance
My group here in Hong Kong, ODaiko, is performing this coming week as part of the Hong Kong World Cultures Festival. The HK Cultural Centre is pairing up world-renowned artists with local artists to present a number of shows that focus on Asian performing arts--including Eitetsu Hayashi!

ODaiko will be playing this Thursday, at 6:15pm in the lobby of the Cultural Centre. It's a free performance, so come if you're here!

US Taiko Road Trip
Also, I'm currently planning a trip for next summer to get to know some taiko groups in the US better! Most likely starting in Boston, I'll be visiting Philadelphia and Atlanta, and hope to visit enough groups to make my way across the United States with a lot of sight-seeing in between. Have ideas for me? Let me know! I'll be blogging about the experience here next August.

So, with the performance coming up and lots of friends visiting Hong Kong, planning the taiko road trip, and trying to write a thesis, I need to take a short intermission from this series of drills. Keep bugging me if I take too long to come back!!

I hope you're all well!



  1. Hi Carrie

    I have just, at a lateish stage in life started learning taiko and I find this blog sooo helpful, especially with the basics (so far).

    Thanks for putting it together!


  2. Boston! Let us at Rutsubo know when you're around next year so we can hang out!

  3. Visit my group in LA Carrie! We play Kokura Gion style.

  4. Mark! Definitely--I'd love to. I think LA may be my last stop :)

  5. And, I'm not ignoring your comment Jon. We already chatted about possible plans on Facebook :P

  6. As you drive cross country I recommend a stop in Montana and visit Montana Taiko! We are in taiko siberia here and love to meet other taiko players. We are it between Minneapolis and Spokane.

  7. Hi Melissa :) Unfortunately, I'm planning to go across the southern part of the country this time around. Are you guys attending the Regional Taiko Gathering in Portland, OR this August? Send me an email if you don't have information about this regional taiko conference! allthingstaiko (at) gmail (dot) com