Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Feet, Part 1

I love my feet. They keep me stable, provide shock absorption, allow me to drum and dance and do most things that I love. There was a time when I took my feet for granted, yes, but I've learned how to please my feet. In the end, we both get to be happy.

Meet my feet's best friend:
Try this--it's the best massage ever. Get an old tennis ball--not one that's falling apart, but one that's moved beyond its stiff newness.

1. Take off your socks and shoes and set the ball on carpeted floor. If you're not the best at balancing on one foot, make sure to have a chair or table nearby to grab onto when needed.
2. Place your foot over the ball, so the ball fits in your foot's arch and press down, putting all your weight into that foot.
3. Press and release for as long as it feels good.
4. Next, you can roll the ball forward, backward, side-to-side. Release verbal sounds of pleasure when necessary... I'm sure I don't need to mention it, but be sure to switch feet.

Everything in the previous section can be done in any order, but this next step will lead into another foot stretch:

1. Set the tennis ball on the floor in front of you.
2. Spread your toes as wide as you can, and place them lightly on the ball. Try to pick the ball up with your toes. If you can't actually pick the ball up, keep repeating the motion. This will warm up the foot muscles for the next stretch.

Fingers and Toes Work Together:

1. Sit down with feet flat on the floor, knees pointing toward the ceiling. If you can't sit upright without support, do this with your back against a couch or wall.
2. Place your 4 fingers in the spaces between your toes on each foot.
3. If the muscles feel tight, this may be enough for you. Try to work up to the point where you can gently rotate your wrists in small, and then larger circles, loosening up the muscles.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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