Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Want to Study Taiko in Japan!

A reader recently emailed me for suggestions on how she can study taiko in Japan for a short period of time. Thought I'd share the info with the rest of you and see if you know of anything else lingering out there! Email me if there's something to add!

When: September 5-16, 2010
Where: Sado Island, Kanazawa, Tokyo
Deadline for application (extended!): May 31 (it is possible to submit an application late if you notify Toni if your intent to apply by June 5)
Contact: Toni Yagami (

Inadani Taiko Drumming Course with Art Lee
When: June 14-19 or June 21-26, 2010
Where: Nagano Prefecture
Deadline for application: May 21

Taiko Fukui
When: April 5-9 or April 10-16, 2010 (past!)
Where: Fukui
Deadline for application: N/A

Oedo Sukeroku Taiko Workshop
When: August 20-24, 2010
Where: Nagano Prefecture
Deadline for application: July 31

When: October 7-11, 2010
Where: Sado Island
Deadline for application: June 30


  1. Hi, Carrie. Thanks for posting that. Having familial obligations that prevent just abandoning everything to live and study in Japan, I've taken advantage of Art Lee's Inadani program several times, and the KASA/Mix tour in 2005. I can state unequivocally that both are phenomenal, and recommend them highly. I would also add Shidara to the list. They did have a Master Class Tour in 2008(?)that was well received and, hopefully, will host something similar again.
    For people who can't get to Japan when these courses are offered, it's also possible to take workshops or classes through Asano Taiko, private lessons with Oedo Sukeroku, and others. And, finally, I would also recommend checking Kuni's website which I believe is the most comprehensive list of taiko groups all over Japan and around the world. (Many sites are not kept up to date, though.)

  2. Thanks for adding these to the list! I had contacted Shidara to ask if they were planning to have another residency program, but didn't hear back from them which is why I didn't list it. And Kuni's website is a great resource, too!