Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kris' Practice Philosophy

Last week at the Summer Taiko Institute in LA, Kris shared with us some of his thoughts on practicing taiko. He was also nice enough to let me post the video here.

Be aware that he's using specific examples from the song they taught during the workshops, so for those of you who weren't there, when he talks about "zu ku", he's referring to two small sounds created by leaving the stick to vibrate at the head of the drum.

Also, when the airplane flies overhead (sorry!), he's talking about practicing with a mirror.

After you watch, if you'd like to read more about his thoughts, you can visit his essay called Thoughts on Practice.

On a side note, a group of people from all over will be doing Kris' 30 Days to Better Shime starting later this week. Contact Kris directly through the On Ensemble website to get on the email list for this free program!