Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taiko Center at NATC -- Free shipping!

Need new happi or other costumes for your group? Those tabi soles worn out? Did you split your favorite pair of bachi and are searching for a replacement? Need mute pads to keep your sound to a minimum? Bachi bags? Taiko bags? Fue? Chappa? Learn taiko DVDs? Taiko?

Taiko Center will be at NATC 2009. I just received an email from them saying that if you place an order by the end of June, shipping is FREE and you can pick up your goodies at the marketplace at the conference.

So, browse the Taiko Center Website to see if they have what you need.


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  1. Where do poeople get their bachi in the US, anyway? do they order them from places like rolling thunder, or do most people just make their own? It's something I've been wondering about...

  2. Hi Raion! The answer to your question really depends on your needs and goals. Some groups, especially those who teach classes for their community, make their own bachi. This is most easily done by purchasing dowels and cutting/sanding the edges. They're cheap, but they don't last long. If you need a bucket-full of non-tapered bachi for beginner players, this is a good option.

    For my personal use, I always order bachi (Rolling Thunder is a good resource) or stock up whenever there is a taiko event in the US. In the Northwest, where I used to live, there is a regional taiko conference every year there is not an NATC. So, I had the option at least once a year.

    Anyone else out there do something different? Have any resources to share?

  3. I wondered about that dowel option. It had crossed my mind. But I had also wondered about the durability, which you mention is a concern. Thanks for the helpful info.

  4. No problem. Let me know, when you have a chance, if you've found the katsugi postings helpful at all. How was the workshop you took last weekend?

    My father-in-law can possibly make some bachi for you if you're looking for cheaper options. He does not make bachi at the moment, but he's an amazing woodworker and has fully explored my bag of sticks. I think he'd be willing to give it a shot if you're looking for someone to make them from scratch. He's located in Ohio, so let me know when you're back in Michigan.