Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2009 TOKARA Wadaiko Bootcamp

Are you looking for an alternative summer taiko experience to NATC? How about going to rural Japan!

From http://www.tokara.net/ArtLee/

Art Lee first began the study of taiko in 1993 from the Sacramento Taiko Dan with whom he later became a featured performer and instructor. He later joined one of the world's most famed taiko groups, Za Ondekoza, for their U.S. and Japan Tour, which culminated in a landmark concert at Carnegie Hall.

Art Lee became a solo performer after moving to Japan in 1998.
And on November 14th, 2001, Art exploded onto the world scene
when he became the first person in the world ever to be granted an
unsponsored artist visa from the Japanese government to teach, perform, and lead the life of a Professional Taiko Artist in Japan.

Art Lee's Taiko Bootcamp will be held this August:

August 10-15, English (Course B)
August 27-30, Japanese (Course C)

You can get more information on the Tokara website, but here's a short excerpt below.
Online application due June 1.

The TOKARA Wadaiko Camp is an intensive taiko training session during which participants will have the chance to be taught in the energetic performance style of TOKARA by Wadaiko Artist Art Lee. Participants to the 2009 Wadaiko Camp will spend intensive taiko study of all original drills and composition. In the evenings, paritcipants will be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Iida City and Achi Village during Obon festival season, as well as join TOKARA for their 2009 Hirugami no Hibiki showcase at the outside Hirugami Onsen Mountain Theater in Hirugami Onsen Resort. On the fifth day, Course B participants will have the opportunity to perform an original piece written by Art Lee at the Hirugami Onsen Mountain Theater. All drills and compositions are originally created by Wadaiko Artist Art Lee.


  1. By the way, Art Lee and Tokara (along with 13 other world famous taiko players will also be performing at Asano's 400th Anniversary Concert on June 5th. (Only 1000 yen) http://www.asano.jp/anniversary/concert/

  2. Nice. Unfortunately, I can't make it up there, but let us know how it is!