Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shidara Taiko Residency 2009

Shidara Taiko, a professional group in Aichi-ken in Japan, has started a new residency program. The program is set up like a tour and participants get a taste of Tokyo and Kyoto as part of the package. But, the main attraction is 4 days of direct instruction from Shidara members in taiko, percussion instruments, and fue.

The inaugural residency is going on right now and it's being documented on YouTube! I'm excited to see how things pan out and get a glimpse of the workshops.

Here's the welcome video:

And the welcome dinner:


  1. We got to spend some time with Shidara after the KASA/MIX tour last September. Two people from Odaiko New England - Karen Young and Shane Tysk - are at the Shidara Residency now. It sounds like they're having an amazing time!

  2. Very nice you got to experience KASA/MIX last year! Marinda Chen, from Seattle Kokon Taiko, went to KASA/MIX and is at Shidara right now, too. Just added more videos--check 'em out!