Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joint Practice with Iki Daiko

I just returned from 2 days in the mountains outside the city of Kyoto. My teacher, Ryo Shimamoto, was invited to teach a class for a group there called Iki Daiko. So, the whole Shippu Uchi Daiko group went up and we had a joint practice. Iki Daiko is a newer group, started just a couple of years ago. It was fun to meet some other players in Japan, and I look forward to when they come down to Wakayama for another joint practice in the spring time.

I didn't have my camera during the practice, but here are a few from the party afterwards, including all of their family members. Enjoy the enkai photos!

Ryo Sensei hiding behind Itsuka.

Haruka, one of Shippu's main players.

Ishibashi-san and me.

Nana and Haruka--they're sisters.

Haruka and Tayeko-san.


Masako-san, Ishibashi-san, and Hayashi-san

We stayed at the YMCA in the cabin to the right.

Shippu is Happiness!

A quick view of Japanese hot pot.

The inevitable enkai singing... except my camera had no sound. Use your imagination!

Catch you Friday!

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