Friday, October 24, 2008

TGIF, Part 6 (taiko drills)

Hi! Let's just jump right in to this one.

Focus: Timing, Clarity
Watch for:
1. Keep in mind that non-emphasized hits should be equally quiet in volume, and emphasized hits should be equal in volume as well.
2. While it's key to be aware of volume, the location of contact can also alter the sound, as noted last week. Practice hitting the exact same 3 places on the drum (divided into 3rds as previously described in Part 5) each time for consistent sound.

Please keep in mind last week's instructions as we continue this week. We'll focus on the same pattern here, but change the emphasis. This time, emphasize any double hits:


It's important to keep in mind the point # 1 above, particularly for the emphasized hits. Make sure that the second emphasized hit is just as loud as the first, and continue to keep the non-emphasized hits quiet. Remember--emphasized hits are played at the center of the drum and other hits are played at the 1/3rd marks.

You're all set. 15 minutes a day with your favorite metronome friend:)

Check back mid-week next week for some tips on how to create controlled, intentional hits that are gentle and quiet simultaneously. Probably you guessed it--it's all in the grip!

Take last week's drill and alternate it with this one, looping continuously. See if you can get these two drills into your body, because we'll be adding another string to this next week!

Mata ne!

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