Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Story

I jumped right into taiko here, and owe you a bit of a self-introduction.

My first taiko group was in the state of Ohio, Icho Daiko (November 2003-June 2004). During my time with Icho Daiko, Portland Taiko came to Oberlin College to perform and give workshops. I'd been practicing for a couple of months at that time and had never seen a real taiko performance. They were energetic and powerful, but most of all, inspiring. I became motivated to learn all I could about taiko.

I was offered an apprenticeship with Seattle Kokon Taiko from December 2004 and offered membership 8 months later. I stayed with SKT until 2007.

Currently, I live in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan. I am a member of Shippu Uchi Daiko and practice with them on Sundays for 7 hours. On Wednesdays I take private lessons with Ryo Shimamoto for 3 hours and Fridays I practice on my own for a few hours.

Recently my taiko group here in Japan was invited to perform at the Japan Taiko Festival. Check back tomorrow to read about my experience as a staff member for that performance.

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