Friday, January 8, 2010

Taiko Drill 61, 2 Against 3

We've been building up to this drill in the previous two drills, 59 and 60. So, if you've been practicing your triplets and doubles, let's get started.

Focus: Timing, Counting
Watch For:
1. If you've practiced the two drills before this one, try to change your listening focus while you play. Sometimes listen to the 2, then listen to the 3, then hear it as a whole pattern.
2. Be aware of your timing no matter what you're listening to!

The video explains it all this week:

First I'll play 2 hits 8 times with my left hand. Then, I'll play 3 hits 8 times, but within the same timeframe as the twos. I'll repeat one more time and then play both parts together!

This drill is very versatile! You can play with multiple drums, start the 2 on the upbeat while the 3 starts on the downbeat. Here's one way to practice timing with a group:

Instead of playing each part with one stick, divide your taiko group into 2 parts. One group will play 2 and one group will play 3. It'll take a lot of patience and a lot of listening, but it's a great tool for listening to one another and helps bring attention to the group's timing as a whole.

See you next week! We're moving on to Chu Daiko!

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