Friday, June 5, 2009

Taiko Drill Part 36, Prelude with Ryo Shimamoto

Hi there!

I was quite a bit frustrated last week that I posted videos with terrible form. Hopefully you understand that I'm on a learning journey. Maybe I'm in a little over my head with these katsugi videos, but I'll keep trying my best!

Last week my teacher mentioned to me that he's been checking the blog out periodically. I thought it might be helpful for you to see his form and he agreed to make an appearance. So, for today's special treat, I introduce my teacher, Ryo Shimamoto to you:

So, I've a long way to go as you can see. That left hand is what I'm practicing this afternoon!

Please click here for today's drill!

A little background on Ryo Shimamoto:

嶋本龍 和太鼓講師・和太鼓奏者。和太鼓指導のほか作曲も手がけている。1976年生まれ.11歳から和太鼓を始める。疾風打太鼓のリーダーを15年経験、2008年ソロ活動開始。近藤克次氏(元 鼓童、鬼太鼓座)に師事。レッスンでは、自力整体をとり入れた入念なストレッチを行い、和太鼓に向かう時は 力まかせではなく、身体のバランスとしなりを活かした打ち方を指導している。

Ryo Shimamoto of Wakayama Prefecture, Japan is a Japanese drum instructor, performer, and composer. Born in 1976, he began playing taiko at the age of 11. His solo career began in 2008, after 15 years as the leader of Shippu Uchi Daiko. Shimamoto currently studies under Katsuji Kondo (formerly of Ondekoza and KODO).

From Carrie: He's an amazing resource for stretches and drills that will help to balance your form and ability. Most of what I write about here, I know because of him and I'm very thankful to him for that. If you're ever looking for a great teacher with the intuition to show you "how" and answer all your "whys", I highly recommend him!

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