Friday, February 20, 2009


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Without a doubt, I find that varying the types of drills I practice helps to keep my skills balanced. Take a quick moment to review the paradiddle drill we did back in Part 9. If you've incorporated this drill into your regular practice you should be feeling quite comfortable with it. Here are some ideas for other things you can try with it!

Focus: Timing, Speed, Balance
Watch for:
1. Remember that when you make emphasized hits with this drill, the stronger sound comes from a quick movement of your stick up and then down again.
2. If you're already comfortable with the general feel of this drill, go ahead and make this transition: Strike all of your emphasized hits at the center of the drum and be sure to choose a "home" for the non-emphasized hits at the 1/3 marks. Always, return to the same home position.

Grab some shime bachi and let's get started! Notice that this time we're starting with the LEFT hand! Red means Right. Bold means emphasize:

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
don tsu tsu tsu tsu tsu tsu tsu X4
don tsu tsu tsu don tsu tsu tsu X4
tsu don tsu tsu tsu don tsu tsu X4
tsu tsu don tsu tsu tsu don tsu X4
tsu tsu tsu don tsu tsu tsu don X4

Repeat at your own pace. If you think your pace is changing (faster or slower), then make use of that metronome.

No extension this week. Just focus on increasing speed and dexterity by challenging yourself to be consistent with timing and picking up the pace a little each day (within your limits). Are your emphasized hits equal in volume and tone? Are the non-emphasized hits still intentional and focused?

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